Weight Loss

Stop the yo-yo once and for all.

Diet upon diet just to gain the weight back again. Does this sound familiar? Ever wondered why you have cravings and just in general struggle to stick to a diet/exercise program?

You begin programming your conscious mind at birth. This programming is learnt by suggestions through touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, thought, permissions, indoctrination, conditioning and experiences. We make dozens of decisions on a daily basis and most of these are influenced by our pre-programming which results in habits or behavioral patterns. Since behavior is a process, behavior can be transformed by working with you in an ambient state to re-establish and reinforce new behavioral patterns.

It is important to understand why you make the decisions you make and to inspect the beliefs you have created because of that. I always tell my clients about the analogy I have about our belief system.  I call it the table effect, a table cannot stand without legs – it has to have the support of at least 3 legs to stand tall and upright.

The same goes for your belief system. Your beliefs about foods, dieting and exercise have been formed by opinions and deductions you have made from what you have learned and heard from the media, your parents and your friends. Most of the time it only takes three respected sources (the three legs of a table) for you to create a new belief and if you add emotions to that belief, then it becomes a very strong new habit/belief you live by.

With Cognitive coaching we investigate all these decisions you have made based upon your emotions and different associations regarding food, dieting and exercise. All your beliefs regarding weight had to have been formed from some form of outside guidance or deductions. Sometimes these habits are grounded deep within the unconscious mind. Finding out why you have this behavior or belief is the most important part of the puzzle as this can then lead to permanent change.

If you have unhealthy habits and beliefs, they will continuously struggle with your conscious mind to control and stop your harmful behavior. What you may fail to understand is that the subconscious mind plays the key and deciding role in whether or not you can free yourself from this unwanted belief or behavior. Willpower alone will rarely provide you with the ability to overcome your problem. This, in turn, can make you feel like a failure or can lead to feelings of guilt for not achieving your goals.

The only way to break these behaviors is to rewire the brain and change the neural pathways which drive you to carry out the habit or behavior. The most effective way of doing this is by placing you in a deep-sleep state to work with the unconscious mind because the behavior itself is unconscious.

Through Transcendent coaching, we create a heightened awareness in you. You are more receptive to suggestions in this state, and patterns that are compatible with their goals will easily appear. Cognitive coaching helps you break the unwanted patterns and replaces them with new, more positive and healthy behaviors that can change your life for the better.

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