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7 Tips for Creating Your Own Destiny

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Are you living your best life?

Too many people complain about not having the life they want. The main reason people fall short of their own expectations is the same reason most companies fail to achieve their objectives: poor planning and execution. In fact, I am amazed at how many successful executives create strategy for their business, leaving their life to chance. Often it’s more comfortable (note I didn’t say easier) to complain and blame outside factors for lack of accomplishment or unhappiness than to take time to work on life rather than in it.

Here are my 7 tips for creating your own destiny:

1. Plan a preferred future

As Lewis Carroll said: If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will get you there. Choose an upcoming birthday to be the milestone for this journey. Give yourself a decent gap (if you are currently 45 then choose 50 or 55) so that there is plenty of time to make course corrections and absorb any external factors thrown at you. Your planning should be specific and measurable. Take time to examine and discuss the details of every aspect of your life (with a close friend, spouse or therapist), personal and professional, to achieve integrated success and happiness.

2. Be pragmatic

You probably won’t be playing for the NBA at your age. The future has to reflect what is physically possible with available resources and limitations. Pragmatism isn’t in itself restrictive, however; while on this journey, you should harness your creativity to design an aspirational future that exploits every opportunity and asset you have. You should also create filters to keep you from wasting time and energy on what’s unachievable or irrelevant.

3. Decide the Who, not the What

We’re defining who we want to be at 50 or 55, not what we want to be doing. The who centers on passion, core competencies, and core satisfaction, such as material requirements. If I know who I truly want to be, I can detail what to do, what to own, resources I need, etc. I can also determine what not to do, own, etc., focusing time and resources where required.

4. Be honest

Challenge yourself constantly to get to the truth of who you are and who you wish to be. There should be no quiet politeness on this trip. Don’t let yourself believe your own stories and rationalizations that can cause misdirection and distraction. Choose the best accountability partner for you. Warning: Allowing this dialogue requires intimate knowledge of each other and great trust. Pick your accountability partners wisely.

5. Consider the tools around you, old and new

Every resource is important. Someone you met 10 years ago who showed you how they use creative visualization to formulate their success. You should also consider new resources like crowdsourcing. It’s simple, interesting, and effective, which is why it’s gaining traction. In this planning exercise, no resources, new or old, are off the table to help you achieve your desired future.

6. Ignore the naysayers

I live for constructive criticism. But outside perspective that is baseless conjecture or stems from emotional baggage (think dissatisfied family or friends) is destructive for achievers. Put these people in a box where they can’t distract you from your ambitions. Find people who get it, and put them in your corner. Engage them in your preferred future, and help them achieve theirs.

7. Don’t settle for mediocrity

Although being the next Steve Jobs or U.S. president is likely off your agenda, you should want to be pushed to the limits of your potential. Too many people settle for what is easy rather than engage their energy and creativity to create something different and meaningful. Then they wonder why their work has no significance.

People who take a reactive approach to growth and development will suffer the same fate as companies, managers, and employees who let the markets, technology, and competitors determine their destiny. The game of life rewards aggressive players who leverage their energy, smarts and creativity to determine and obtain the life that truly makes them happy. Good and bad luck comes to all; it’s how you plan and execute that determines your return on luck.

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about this process, contact me. I am ready to take your hand and lead you to a Life Of Bliss if you are ready to live your preferred future. Don’t hope for it; determine, plan, and execute.

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My Definition of Life and Wellness Coaching

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What is Life & Wellness Coaching?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are stuck in a life that is not yours by design? It feels as if life just happens to you and you don’t have any control or choice on how to move forward emotionally, physically or spiritually. Life in general can be hard and sometimes you are forced to make decisions, not necessarily our own but because society tells you it’s the “right thing to do”. Years later you feel like you are still paying the price for that decision and you are now stuck in a place where you don’t actually want to be. 

The continuous suppression of our own happiness can lead to feelings of depression and will most definitely influence our health in general if not changed. Life and Wellness Coaching can also be seen as Emotional Intelligence Coaching or as Mind, Body and Spiritual Coaching. Should any one of these areas in your life be out of balance, you can find yourself stuck and unhappy. Being stuck in situations without choices for a long time can block your vision and result in feeling emotionally or physically paralyzed.

I use Life and Wellness Coaching to help you make the changes necessary to move forward or to break through to the next step or phase in your life.  Together we can explore the options for your future, take back your power from whatever life has thrown at you and grow into the life of your expectations step-by-step.

Let me help you see the future through new eyes, be happier, be more fulfilled and live a life full of bliss.

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Cognitive Coaching Explained

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What is Cognitive Coaching?

Simply, cognitive coaching is where I take you to a deep natural state of relaxation that allows the mind to be more alert than when we are in a normal state of consciousness.

Cognitive Coaching enables you to help yourself overcome your problems or achieve desired changes. It also equips you with the tools necessary for self-realization and focus, rather than merely treating certain symptoms. To simplify the process, as the Coach, I determine the reason for your behavior and reset it to it’s original setting before the event, behavioral or emotional change occurred.

You will be guided into a natural state of relaxation and heightened subconscious awareness. This natural state may have been experienced before while daydreaming or “zoning out” while driving and reaching your destination without remembering how you got there. The subconscious mind takes over and does the driving while the conscious thinking part is thinking about so many other things. This natural state is also visible just before waking up or falling asleep. 

With the power of positive suggestion and visualization intensified in a transcended state, an individual has the ability to create and change any habit or current unwanted reality that seemed unachievable in the past. The transformation of destructive thought patterns and behaviors is also achieved more readily in a suggestive state. This is why I enjoy working with cognitive coaching as change can be achieved very easily once the problem has been identified.

Cognitive Coaching is widely used all over the world today to treat everything from anxiety to fears and phobias, asthma, depression, addictions, suppressed memories and nearly anything that is causing physical, emotional and mental discomfort. It is always important to remember that all cognitive change is Self-Made-Change as you are still the one making the decisions.  What the mind conceives to be true …. is true.

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