Stress Management

Manage your stress levels. Manage your life.

Scientific research studies have shown that excessive stress over a prolonged time period can lead to mental and physical illness, including depression, nervous breakdown, hypertension and heart disease. With technology intruding into our daily lives with greater determination we can see more damaging effects daily.

Long term persistent stress includes worrying about future events, finding it hard to emotionally connect with people, waking up feeling tired, feeling like your mind is constantly on overdrive and you struggle to calm it down, having trouble sleeping at night, struggling to focus and concentrate and emotional instability. 

Most people suffer in silence and just put on a brave face, meanwhile they are suffering from debilitating emotions and toxic thoughts. When stress takes an extended hold of you on a regular basis, it can pull you down and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Ignoring ongoing stress will affect your concentration, focus, sleep, ability to fight infections and seriously affect your bodies overall health. Stress can even lead to weight gain due to hormones released in the body.

Through Cognitive Coaching we can use different techniques to change behavior and to determine the sources of stress in your life in order for you to manage your stress levels. Having a overview of your problems from a different perspective can assist you to make the changes needed to manage your stress levels. Coaching in this area can help you adjust and adapt to ensure different and more positive outcomes.

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