From Zero to Hero in Just 3 Weeks

Make the shift from wanting to doing.

3 Session Program.

Are you finding yourself stuck between wanting to do something and actually DOING IT? People procrastinate for a variety of different reasons – fear of failure, fear of success and fear of the unknown. Since our subconscious wants to keep us safe, the underlying possibility of failure can be enough to keep us in our comfort zone. Especially once we have given in to that behavior and it has slowly become a habit.

Luckily procrastination is a behavior. Behaviors get programmed into the conscious mind from birth and this programming can be changed. This programming is learnt by suggestions through touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, thought, prohibitions, permissions, indoctrination, conditioning and experiences. Since behavior is a process, behavior can be transformed by using hypnosis to re-establish and re-enforce new behavioral patterns.

Using Cognitive Coaching to examine pre-programmed behaviors and habits as well as the reason for having them, I can find the true cause of the procrastination. I work with the higher self to change and reprogram the unconscious mind to create a positive environment where you will want to do the work required. Once these changes have been made within the unconscious mind, you will find yourself positive and excited to easily move forward in the right direction.

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