Trauma/Event Rehabilitation

Life happens. Learn how to deal with it.

4 – 5 Session Program depending on trauma.

Life happens……..You experience a traumatic event (an accident, assault, disaster, or act of terror) or a prolonged series of traumatic events (such as ongoing psychological, physical, and/or sexual abuse as a child or adult), and the trauma changes your perceptual experience of the world around you. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety and constant pondering about the event.

During a traumatic event, not only are sensory perceptions altered, and any previous sense of safety forever changed, but a victim of trauma displays notable shifts in the conclusions they draw. They form new, negative conclusions about themselves (‘I deserved it; I’m responsible; I shouldn’t have been there; My body is not my own; It was my fault. etc’). They also form negative conclusions about other people, and the world in general (‘The world is a scary place; People are evil; Men are dangerous; Trust is foolish. etc.’). These conclusions in turn change how they interact with friends, family and in group settings.

One of the primary goals of cognitive coaching is restoration of the self: for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of the client to be unified, balanced and made whole. From this place, healthy connections can be born. Cognitive Coaching gives a voice to the lost parts of the self, the parts that were hidden away or shrouded in negativity as a means to survive.

Cognitive Coaching cannot erase traumatic events, but it can directly address the event(s) and their effects. In an ambient state of mind, you will be able to access the information and ‘data’ that is stored in your physical body, your unconscious mind, and your energetic fields. The actual traumatic event can be examined; the wide array of emotion surrounding it can be claimed, processed and expressed.

Any negative conclusions or beliefs (that have often directly contributed to life-long behavioral patterns) can be released and transformed. A negative conclusion such as ‘I am bad’ is then replaced with ‘I am good’ or ‘I am lovable,’ for instance. In a nutshell we will change the way your mind, body and spirit observe and analyze the event or trauma to give you back control of your life. You will experience a sense of release and forgiveness and find yourself on the path to complete healing. Reclaim your power and live your life with purpose.

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