How to Overcome Bullying

Take the target off your back.

3 Session Program.

In these modern times that we live in and with our lives being an open book on social media, it has become easier to be a target of bullying. This is happening in our schools, at our workplace, between friends and on social media platforms everywhere.

Bullying is any intentional and repetitious aggressive behavior designed to undermine, embarrass, or otherwise distress the person of interest. The worst thing is that some bullying may seem petty or ‘nothing much to complain about’ but any undermining behavior used repetitiously can become unbearable and demeaning.

This can be a source of anguish and lead to serious physiological issues, such as depression and anxiety, if not dealt with swiftly. In this three session program I will help you to understand the emotions associated with bullying. You will be able to understand why you have feelings of anxiety and depression and I will help you to change these patterns. We will remove the “target” from your back and develop self protection mechanisms that will boost your inner self worth and self esteem in order for you to reclaim your personal power.

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