4 Weeks to a New You

Change your mind – Change your life.

4 Session Program.

It’s time for a change. You’ve tried it before but this time it will be different and you will DO IT. Does this sound familiar? Willpower, diet and exercise will help you achieve some of your goals, but without the correct mindset and unconscious programming, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Emotions play a huge role in our decision making, which can lead to emotional eating or binge eating. Feelings of low self esteem and “I am not good enough” will drive you to make the wrong decisions and end up right where you started, or worse. You consist of  the “Mind” (the thinking or analytical part), the “Body” (the cells or the biological processes part) and the “Soul” (the emotional, unconsciously programmed part). You can’t change the one without the other and lasting change is just not possible unless you address all 3.

I want you to consider this… Who is the biggest expert in your life? Who’s opinion and self talk has the biggest influence on your life?  YOU!  Yes, you have the most power and influence over your daily life and decision making, if only you knew how to control and use it. You were created perfect in every way but due to choices you made, life events and opinions of others, your view of yourself has been distorted. I am here to tell you that where you find yourself today is not an accident, but an accumulation of circumstances over time and that you can change the way it influences you today.

Using Cognitive Coaching, we will look at the reasons “why” you are where you are today and start the healing process of the “self“. You will understand why you are good enough to be and have whatever you want in your life.  We will change unwanted limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behavior. You will even love to exercise should you choose to do so. Let me help you to think and speak LIFE, be positive and happy on your journey to a new and improved you…

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