Authentically You

Be the best version of yourself. For yourself.

4 Session Program.

Authentic means “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine“.  Do you feel Authentic? Or do you, like many people out there, feel like you are wearing a mask? Different masks for different occasions. I have found that if you have not honestly and openly looked at yourself in the mirror without wearing a mask, then you haven’t met the authentic you and you cannot feel truly happy.

You have to understand the complete “YOU”. The good the bad and the amazing. Understand why you have feelings of judgment or guilt. Why you wonder if this one will like you or if that one feels offended by what you said. It is exhausting to live a life to please others and not yourself. In these four sessions we explore your reasons for wearing the different masks and what they help you hide from or who they empower you to be.

Through Cognitive Suggestion and the assistance of your Higher Self, I help you change limiting beliefs and negative behaviors so that you can live a purpose driven life free from pretense. This will leave you filled with positive energy, self confidence and an appreciation for the important things in life. Your life’s purpose will be revealed and you will spend every day in gratitude for the magnificent being that you were created to be. Perfect in every way and in no need of any mask but your own beautiful spirit.

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