You only realize how important sleep is, when you’re not getting enough.

This is something that most of us suffer from at some point in our lives. Stressful days with long working hours, followed by domestic chores like cooking and cleaning, followed by time in front of the TV, or on a device all contribute to your inability to fall asleep. Being subject to all these elements on a daily basis could make winding down for sleep a real challenge.

Negative thoughts combined with stress, worries and depression can add to your inability to sleep. A busy day at work and often over thinking your day and the plans for the next day adds to an over active mind that can lead to sleepless nights too. This often leads to more worry about this happening again, which could lead to clock watching and fear about the time left for sleep.

Cognitive Coaching for insomnia helps you to understand the patterns in your behavior that tend to cause your insomnia and help you get to the root cause of the sleep problem. I will teach you various ways to relax quickly and easily, and to switch off from intrusive and troubling thoughts, anxiety, and stress in order for you to get a good night’s sleep. Self-help techniques for attaining an ambient state can be taught to reach a deep state of relaxation which will help you to sleep.

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