What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a method by which a patient is guided into a natural state of relaxation and heightened subconscious concentration. You might have experienced this state while day dreaming or “zoning out” while driving and reaching your destination and not remembering how you got there. The subconscious mind takes over and does the driving while the conscious thinking part of the mind is not remembering the drive as you were thinking about so many other things. This is also a natural state sometimes achieved just before waking up completely or just before you fall asleep. 

Hypnotherapy simplified is a deep state of relaxation that allows the mind to be more alert than when we are in a normal state of consciousness. As well as enabling you to help yourself overcome your problems or achieve desired changes, hypnotherapy equips you with the tools necessary for self-realization and focus, rather than merely treating symptoms. To simplify the process, I go searching for the reason for your behavior and reset it to the original setting before an event or behavioural change occurred.

With the power of positive suggestion and visualization intensified under hypnosis, an individual has the ability to create and change any habit or current unwanted reality that seemed unattainable in the past.  Transformation of destructive thought patterns and behaviours is also achieved more readily in a hypnotic state. This is why I enjoy working with hypnosis as change can be achieved very easily.

Hypnotherapy is widely used all over the world today to treat everything from anxiety to fears and phobias, asthma, depression, addictions, suppressed memories and nearly anything that is causing physical, emotional and mental discomfort. It is always important to remember that all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis as you are still the one making the decisions.  What the mind conceives to be true …. is true.

Can anyone be Hypnotized?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotized, providing they are a willing participant, as all hypnosis is self hypnosis. The client has to give permission and allow the process to happen by following instructions. Even the ‘control freaks’ can be hypnotized using the right approach. It just takes a little more time for them to trust and get into a relaxed state.

In reality, most of us have experienced a state of mild hypnosis on a daily basis as it is a natural state of mind. For example, when you drive a long distance and start to feel disassociated from your body and the car and wonder if you actually had a green light at the traffic signal or not, or if you reach your destination and you can’t remember every step of the road – that’s a mild state of hypnosis. Your unconscious mind is taking care of all the mechanical aspects of driving while your conscious mind is free to float around and for instance day dream or focus on one specific thought.  Meditation is also a mild form of self hypnosis.

How can Hypnosis help me?

Personally, I have tried many modalities and found that my thinking and analytical mind was just too overpowering for me to make the changes needed. Hypnosis worked because it works with the subconscious mind, the conscious “thinking” and analyzing part of your mind will be relaxed and out of the way. The subconscious “feeling” and habit forming part of your mind will be more open and receptive to change and positive suggestions. These positive suggestions will imprint more easily in hypnosis than in any waking state therapy.

If you have a long lasting problem that you can’t solve, the use of hypnotherapy will enable me to get to the root cause of that problem or symptom. This should then result in the issue being totally resolved at a deeper and lasting level.

What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is used for therapeutic therapy and is proven to be a highly successful form of therapy for treating emotional, physical and psychological problems.

Stage Hypnosis is used to amuse the crowd. Volunteers will be chosen from the crowd on whom suggestibility tests have been performed. Once on the stage the Hypnotist can give suggestions that will be easily followed. 

As a Hypnotherapist we always ask our clients permission to take them into hypnosis and use Hypnosis solely for therapy. Our ethical code of conduct does not allow us to do stage hypnosis.

Who can benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be a useful therapy for Adults as well as Children in all areas of life, for instance in relationships, careers & business, accelerated learning, stress management, mind body wellness, sport performance and many more. You can see a few more examples of issues that hypnotherapy will be useful for under my “Services” tab on this site.

Can I be healed in one session?

Therapy duration varies from person to person and also depends on how well you follow instructions. Healing also depends on how willing you are to face your issues and work through them. I found that the first session is usually about the client feeling out the situation and seeing if they can trust and let go. We will then fully discuss the issue and the process for clearing it up. The quicker you trust and let go, the quicker we can work through the issues and make the changes needed to get the desired results.

It is more likely that the most changes happen in the second session and should anything then resurface a third session will clear all to ensure the blockage has been removed and a new habit or behavior has been created.

How quickly does it work?

It is different for every person but most people start experiencing the benefits almost immediately. You might even experience changes for the better in other areas of your life that you did not expect or anticipate.

Will I be able to remember when I wake up?

The majority of clients remember everything after the session. In extreme cases, the unconscious mind will choose to protect the client from remembering all the details, or the therapist might make a judgment call to delay the patient from remembering as it will hinder the immediate healing and progress.

What if I can’t wake up?

Have you ever not come out of a deep daydream? It is just not a possibility. Hypnosis is exactly the same as it is a natural state of mind. You might be so deeply relaxed that you fall asleep, but the therapist will notice and lighten your trance, but you will never NOT be in control or in any danger of not waking up or of causing any damage to yourself or others.

What if I lose control while under Hypnosis?

Let me clear up the misconception of Hypnosis for you – you will be in FULL control at all times. Hypnosis is like a deep daydream. You still retain control, you will even experience being more in control than you may have previously experienced. No hypnotherapist can make you do, say, feel or think anything you don’t want to. Your natural belief system stays fully intact and you will simply open your eyes should you not agree with anything that is said.

How confidential will my session be?

Total confidentiality is guaranteed. Your well being is the only concern and I adhere to the same rules and regulations as a medical doctor. Being part of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association I am obligated to protect and uphold my clients well being and privacy at all times.

How long is each session?

The first session is a minimum of 90 minutes which includes the intake form, an open discussion and the first hypnosis session. All sessions thereafter will be 60 minutes long.

What is the price of each session?

The price per Hypnotherapy/Life and Wellness Coaching session varies according to the issue I will be addressing and is something I discuss privately with each client before making an appointment. My price for your sessions include follow-ups via text or calls to ensure that you are sticking with the program and that changes are being made.

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