What my clients say about me.

Marina is such a beautiful soul to work with. She is both gentle and fierce, loving, kind and just so passionate and gifted with what she does. I have been to other therapists and coaches before, it usually takes a while for me to ease into it and allow someone into the thoughts and beliefs I have buried deep down into my psyche. This all changed when I met Marina.

Her cheerful and loving nature puts you at ease instantly. She is very relaxed and is able to read your needs very quickly. You feel both safe and understood. The entire process was very easy and trauma free. Marina makes sure to remind you that every step you take is a choice and she is right there by your side. Her voice is very soothing and relaxing which makes the full process very easy. Just like going to the movies. Marina is so kind that she gave me the time I needed to go through the process so I didn’t feel rushed by time. Since the session, I feel like I have regained myself back, trauma free. I highly recommend working with her. It truly is a blissful journey of self discovery.”

– Ola, Dubai, January 2019

“Marina creates the perfect environment, safe, secure, free of judgement, to share some of your deepest darkest fears and when you leave her space you feel incredible, lightened and alive! Highly recommended for anyone looking for enlightenment or to deal with childhood issues or concerns.”

– Kathy Scheepmaker, Dubai, October 2018

“I believe my sessions with Marina supported me to unlock some suppressed memories and thinking patterns that were harmful to my self-image. Throughout our sessions she was insightful, supportive and showed empathy. I had a deep sense of trust that she was determined to find the right path for us to explore to find clarity and solutions. Marina can help you to change negative thinking patterns and establish new patterns that will support you to think well, act well and be well. I highly recommend her as a coach. She walks the talk!”

– Christine, Dubai, February 2017

“Marina, all I can say is a very big thank you. I came to see you at a time I was in a very poisonous state in my own mind and emotions. You helped me out of that well and showed me what a wonderful journey I was missing. Thank you for pulling me towards myself again, work trough issues and not only see, but experience the change within myself. Thank you for letting me find my bliss again.”

– CS, Dubai, April 2016

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