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With love from me to you.

Working with many clients over the years, I have found that most of the issues that they come to see me about can be grouped together. The underlying causes of certain states of mind can be directly linked to being out of touch with your Authentic Self

With my Signature Programs, you can choose which of the programs speak to you best for whatever you are having issues with, currently in your life.

The setup of the Signature Programs is in such a way that you will know exactly how many sessions you will need to achieve the desired change. By choosing my Signature Programs you also get the financial benefit of group session pricing as opposed to, more expensive, individual session pricing.

Below is a short summary of all my Signature Programs:

How to Overcome Bullying

Bullying is any intentional and repetitious aggressive behavior designed to undermine, embarrass, or otherwise distress the person of interest. The worst thing is that some bullying may seem petty or ‘nothing much to complain about’ but any undermining behavior used repetitiously can become unbearable and demeaning.

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Trauma/Event Rehabilitation

Life happens……..You experience a traumatic event (an accident, assault, disaster, or act of terror) or a prolonged series of traumatic events (such as ongoing psychological, physical, and/or sexual abuse as a child or adult), and the trauma changes your perceptual experience of the world around you.

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4 Weeks to a new you

It’s time for a change. You’ve tried it before but this time it will be different and you will DO IT. Does this sound familiar? Willpower, diet and exercise will help you achieve some of your goals, but without the correct mindset and unconscious programming, you are setting yourself up for failure.

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From Zero to Hero in just 3 weeks

Are you finding yourself stuck between wanting to do something and actually DOING IT? People procrastinate for many reasons – fear of failure, fear of success and fear of the unknown. Since our subconscious wants to keep us safe, the underlying possibility of failure can be enough to keep us in our comfort zone.

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Position yourself: The Law of Attraction

Have you ever felt like nothing you do turns out the way you want, or that you are at the wrong place at the wrong time more frequently than you would like? This can mean that your emotions are out of sync with your point of attraction, resulting in unwanted outcomes.

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Authentically You

Authentic means “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine“. Do you feel Authentic? Or do you, like many people out there, feel like you are wearing a mask? Different masks for different occasions. I have found that if you have not honestly and openly looked at yourself in the mirror without wearing a mask, then you haven’t met the authentic you and you cannot feel truly happy.

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Quantum Reality Exploration

Ever wondered what your life could be like if you had the career you always dreamt of? Now you can visualise this with Quantum Reality Exploration. See what you would look like, act like and have in your life by having this dream career.

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