Life & Wellness Coaching

What is Life & Wellness Coaching?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are stuck in a life that is not yours by design? It feels as if life just happens to you and you don’t have any control or choice on how to move forward emotionally, physically or spiritually. Life in general can be hard and sometimes you are forced to make decisions, not necessarily our own but because society tells you it’s the “right thing to do”. Years later you feel like you are still paying the price for that decision and you are now stuck in a place where you don’t actually want to be. 

The continuous suppression of our own happiness can lead to feelings of depression and will most definitely influence our health in general if not changed. Life and Wellness Coaching can also be seen as Emotional Intelligence Coaching or as Mind, Body and Spiritual Coaching. Should any one of these areas in your life be out of balance, you can find yourself stuck and unhappy. Being stuck in situations without choices for a long time can block your vision and result in feeling emotionally or physically paralyzed.

I use Life and Wellness Coaching to help you make the changes necessary to move forward or to break through to the next step or phase in your life.  Together we can explore the options for your future, take back your power from whatever life has thrown at you and grow into the life of your expectations step-by-step.

Let me help you see the future through new eyes, be happier, be more fulfilled and live a life full of bliss.

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