Cognitive Coaching

What is cognitive coaching?

Simply, cognitive coaching is where I take you to a deep natural state of relaxation that allows the mind to be more alert than when we are in a normal state of consciousness.

Cognitive Coaching enables you to help yourself overcome your problems or achieve desired changes. It also equips you with the tools necessary for self-realization and focus, rather than merely treating certain symptoms. To simplify the process, as the Coach, I determine the reason for your behavior and reset it to it’s original setting before the event, behavioral or emotional change occurred.

You will be guided into a natural state of relaxation and heightened subconscious awareness. This natural state may have been experienced before while daydreaming or “zoning out” while driving and reaching your destination without remembering how you got there. The subconscious mind takes over and does the driving while the conscious thinking part is thinking about so many other things. This natural state is also visible just before waking up or falling asleep. 

With the power of positive suggestion and visualization intensified in a transcended state, an individual has the ability to create and change any habit or current unwanted reality that seemed unachievable in the past. The transformation of destructive thought patterns and behaviors is also achieved more readily in a suggestive state. This is why I enjoy working with cognitive coaching as change can be achieved very easily once the problem has been identified.

Cognitive Coaching is widely used all over the world today to treat everything from anxiety to fears and phobias, asthma, depression, addictions, suppressed memories and nearly anything that is causing physical, emotional and mental discomfort. It is always important to remember that all cognitive change is Self-Made-Change as you are still the one making the decisions.  What the mind conceives to be true …. is true.

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